Reginald C. Adams LLC is a Public Art & Design firm based in Houston Texas.   Our studio is world reknown for award winning tile mosaic murals, sculptures, and art installations which are strategically located in historic and underserved communities across the U.S.   What makes our work most unique is the process of engaging the public in the design, creation and celebration of our work.


Reginald C. Adams is a public artist, social entrepreneur and community developer. He was born 1972 in Cheyenne Wyoming and traveled extensively across the U.S as a youth. He is best known for his award winning tile mosaic murals and sculptures, which are strategically located in some of Houston’s most historic and underserved neighborhoods. His creativity and approach to his artwork is inspired by his travels to more than 40 countries around the globe and his profound love for the natural environment.

Reginald is a life trained artist and has experimented with a plethora of mediums, methods and artistic techniques. Reginald first moved to Houston in 1990. He was introduced to the Houston arts community by Michelle Barnes, founder and executive director of the Community Artists Collective. 1996 marked his initial exposure to public art which came through artist Rick Lowe, founder of Project Row Houses, a community art center in Houston's Third Ward. Reginald's work quickly evolved beyond figurative paintings and drawings into murals and community-based public art.

He was introduced to mosaics by visual artist Rhonda Radford-Adams. His love for mosiacs as a medium was fueled by a spring 1999 fairytale trip to Europe where the two experienced the architectural mosaic artwork of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona Spain. It was in Barcelona that the artists decided to get married and began laying the foundation for what would become the Museum of Cultural Arts Houston (MOCAH). Upon returning back to the USA he focused his attention towards the use of ceramic, porcelain and glass mosaics in his murals and public art projects.

In the fall 1999, Reginald and Rhonda became the first artists in Houston to establish a museum solely dedicated to community based art and cultural programs. Their vision was to create a museum that would go to those that were unable to come to them. Over the past 13 years he has served as President and CEO of the Museum of Cultural Arts Houston (MOCAH), which is a 501c3 non-profit art corporation. MOCAH is the only museum of its kind in the world solely dedicated to the design and creation of community based public art projects and programs. Through MOCAH, Reginald has facilitated the design, coordination and production over 180 public art projects. 


Independent of his public art projects and community based work Reginald has re-emersed himself into the world of fine art through a series of collaborative mixed media paintings called the Creatia series. The Creatia series was initially inspired from the artist's trip to Lyon France in 2011 where he worked alongside children inflicted with cancer. The purpose of the trip was to create a mosaic sculpture for the front of the cancer children's cancer center. Inspired by his work with the children and upon his return to the US he realized that he wanted to do something unique for his 39th birthday therefore he set out to create a new line of 39 ceramic paintings that would symbolize his celebration of life, collaboration and hope. These are the attributes that he felt from the children that he worked with in Lyon France.

The Creatia series has since evolved into other mixed media works that are co-created by other artists and creatives in Reginald circle of peers.  The Creatia series is the artist's way of re-interpreting life, collaboration and hope through color, line, form and design. In a similar fashion as to how he produces public art Reginald collaborates with other artists to assist in the creation of these works of art. The artworks often begin with a vision from the artist. He permits his collaborative artist partners to choose colors from a palette of paints that he personally selects. The paintings in the Creatia series are bold, transformative, seductive and embue sculptural qualities. This collection of original works affords his collectors and patrons with the oportunity to acquire his work without the logistics that often accompany large scale public art commissions.


In 2014, Adams embarked on his most ambitious public art project titled,  Sacred Sites Quest (SSQ).  SSQ engages, empowers and inspires youth through hands-on service projects locally and in foreign countries. More than just an outreach program, this collaborative is a multi-disciplinary approach to cultural and social awareness.  SSQ builds bridges between local and international communities to address issues of education, environment, urban revitalization, creative place-making and cultural tolerance. The first of its kind in the city of Houston, SSQ has become an annual signature event designed to foster collaborations between foreign countries, local youth,  communities, artists and cultural/educational institutions.


In 2015, over the course of 10 days a team of 15 Houston area students/Questers experienced the rich and diverse culture of France. The Questers left a legacy in Lyon by designing and and installing a public art project - a stone labyrinth - atop the highest point in the city of Lyon. With the gracious support of the Ecole catholique des arts metiers (ECAM) Lyon Graduate School of Engineering the teens built their labyrinth within a beautiful garden directly adjacent to the Basilique de Notre Dame Fourviere, one of Lyon's most sacred landmarks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Since 2015, Adams has led four successful SSQ tours to France, Ecuador, South Africa and Italy.  SSQ enables Reginald to utilize his collective experience as an artist, administrator and social entrpreneur in one dynamic global art adventure.


Reginald's facilitation skills, creativity, leadership abilities and business acumen is sharpened through his affiliations with the American Leadership Forum (ALF) Class 24, Leadership Houston Class XXVIII, Past-President of the Rotary Club of Houston Skyline and an alumnus of the Center for Houston's Future.


In his personal time Reginald is an avid runner, he enjoys Salsa dancing, yoga, photography, traveling, skydiving and spending quality time with his family.