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Sound Bath Meditation

Sound Bath Meditation uses ancient instruments including, gongs, chimes, rattles, singing bowls, and drums to produce particular frequencies that reduces stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain or even cancer.

The vibrations from these cosmic sounds allows the participant to completely relax and experience an elevated state of calmness, positive mind set, clarity, and creative inspiration. 

"Future medicine will be the medicine of sound frequencies."
Albert Einstein

“I've never felt more relaxed in my entire life.”

Our sound baths are a safe and comforting space for you to let go of whatever’s weighing you down.


Tune in,  feel yourself sink into the environment, and let the cosmic sounds and frequencies transport you to a place of peace and relaxation.


Go from stress to relief, anxious to centered, tired to inspired in just a few minutes. 

Sacred Sound Sessions & Activations

We are combining sacred sound baths, yoga, labyrinth walks, and creativity to create sacred spaces and communal healing activations in public and private environments across the community.  From rooftops to parks to beaches and backyards, we are transforming ordinary places into sacred spaces using sound frequencies and creativity.