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Pop Art Portrait Paint Party

Join us for a one of a kind experience of creativity, fellowship, fundraising and fun.


What, can’t paint a stick figure? No worries, at Reginald C. Adams LLC, we believe everyone is an artist! Our one of a kind, Face2Face workshop is a 3 hour studio session that enables artists and non-artists alike the opportunity to learn portrait painting techniques while nurturing your inner artist and creativity.


We provide the canvas and paint; you bring your creativity and an open mind to enjoy the process and have lots of fun.


Our In-house artists will:

1. Prepare your photo into a 4 color Pop Art styled image.

2. Transfer your image to a 24"x24" gallery wrapped canvas.

3. Guide you step-by-step through your very own memorable Pop Art portrait.


What we need from you:

Submit at least 3 photographs of  you and your partner, lover and/or friend together in the same image.


*Photos received after 7 days before your session  WILL NOT be guaranteed ready for your Paint Party.


Each photo should be hi-resolution.  The better the photos the better the results you will see in your painted portrait.  


Photos with backgrounds that contrast with the hair and faces of the people in the images are most desirable.   An example of an ideal image is below.
















Only $175 per couple

Ideal Photo

Not Ideal Photo

Location: 1113 Vine Street, Suite 140, Houston, TX 77002

The images above are both good images of the people but the "ideal photo" outlines the couples heads nicely whereas the "not ideal photo" will loose the detail of the couples hair against the dark background.


Once you submit payment please submit your images here. 


If we have any issues with your images we will contact you via email.


We are here to answer any of your questions.  


Please call 832.208.1549 or email info@reginaldadams.com.