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Public Art Collection

Reginald C. Adams LLC is a public art and design firm based in Houston, Texas that is known for creating award-winning murals, sculptures, and art installations in historic and underserved communities across the United States. The firm's unique approach involves engaging the public in the design, creation, and celebration of their work.

Featured Project

The Sankofa public art project is a series of three mosaic murals that will be installed at the Houston Intercontinental Airport. The project aims to pay homage to the multicultural diversity of the city of Houston and the people who will travel to and from the airport. The name Sankofa, which comes from the Akan language of Ghana, means "to go back and get it" or "to learn from the past in order to move forward." The project, through the use of mosaic art, will celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Houston and will serve as a reminder to all travelers of the importance of embracing and learning from different cultures. 

KHS Obelisk

Title: The Beacon Location: Kashmere High School, Houston Texas Medium: Glass and ceramic tile mosaics Dimensions: 26'H x 4'Wx4'W Client: Northeast Community Development Corporation Date: 2022 Description: Mosaic mural honoring the history and cultural heritage of the Kashmere Gardens community and the high school.


Graphic mural for the Rockets/PNC Club at the Toyota Center, Houston, TX

Space City

Painted mural for the PNC Club at the Toyota Center, Houston, TX

Art of Sound and Healing

Painted mural for the Moody Center for the Arts, Rice University, Houston,TX

We Love Houston

Painted mural for the Foot Locker Bellaire Store at Sharpstown Mall, Houston, TX

Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Mural

Title: Absolute Equality Location: 2211 Strand, Galveston, Texas Medium: Acrylic paint Dimensions: 44'H x 125'W Client: Juneteenth Legacy Project Date: 2021 Description: The landmark mural pays homage to the history and heritage of the Juneteenth holiday.

"Restorative Justice"

Title: Restorative Justice Location: S. Dallas Government Building, Dallas Texas Medium: Glass and ceramic tile mosaics Dimensions: 20'H x 7'W Client: County Commissioner Wiley Price Date: 2020 Description: Mosaic mural honoring 12 Legal Legends of Dallas, Texas. Restorative Justice is a glass and tile mosaic mural that tells a story of the delicate and fragile balance of law and order that must exist within a whole and healthy society.

"Ice Cream Dreams"

Title: “Ice Cream Dreams” Location: 5515 Kirby Dr. Houston, TX Medium: Glass and ceramic tile mosaics Dimensions: 18'H x 25'L Client: Ben & Jerry's Special Events & Catering Date: 2020 Description: We used the signature Ben & Jerry's Tye Dye pattern for the murals which bookend the north and south facing walls. The front mural depicts a parade of youth from all cultures protesting for "Peace Love, Equality and Ice Cream". The mural reinforces Ben & Jerry's commitment to social justice issues.

"I Cant Breathe"

Title: I Can't Breathe Location: 3711 Travis, Houston, TX Medium: Painted Mural Dimensions: 8'H x 40'W Date: 2020 Description: The mural pays homage to George Floyd and others who have lost their lives innocently at the hands of law enforcement.

"Elements of Change"

Title: Elements of Change Location: 3810 Emancipation Avenue, Emancipation Park, Houston, TX Medium: Glass and ceramic tile mosaics Dimensions: Vary Client: OST/Almeda Redevelopment Authority. Date: 2019 Description: Mosaic sculptures honoring four founders of Emancipation Park, the oldest public park in Texas.

Art = Fun

Title: “Art = Fun" Location: Alexander Milne Elementary School SPARK Park, Houston, TX Medium: Fabricated steel, stucco, glass and ceramic tile mosaics Dimensions: vary Client: SPARK Park Program Inc. Date: 2018 Description: The giant playful sculpture, which is a collaboration between David Adickes and Reginald Adams, offers a cheerful reminder to the playground participants that Art=Fun. Local students incorporated their own handprints onto the mosaics.

Phillis Wheatley Park

Title: “Phillis Wheatley Park” Location: 723 Arthur St, San Antonio, TX 78202 Medium: Glass and ceramic tile mosaics Dimensions: vary Client: San Antonio Housing Authority Date: 2018 Description: The park includes several public art elements including: Memorial walls, play sculpture and custom seating structures.

Sacred Paths

Title: “Sacred Paths” Location: Columbia Tap Hike & Bike Trail, Third Ward, Houston, Texas Medium: Glass and Ceramic tile mosaics and aerosol paint Dimensions: 12’H x 88’L Client: Harris County Precinct One Date: 2018 Description: The mixed media mosaic mural depicts pictures of eight African American activists in tile mosaics with a colorful background that was inspired by church stain glass windows.

Healing Hands

Title: “Healing Hands” Location: Legacy Health Clinic, Fifth Ward, Houston, Texas Medium: Glass mosaic and aerosol paint Dimensions: 10’H x 65’W Client: Legacy Health Clinic Date: 2017 Description: This mural is bursting with colorful glass and tile mosaics mandalas and real human hand prints of all sizes. For this project, Adams says the seven murals are together meant to represent the human chakra system.

Helping Hands

Title: “Helping Hands” Location: Dr. Robert L. Hilliard Health Clinic, 901 E. Runnel, San Antonio, TX Medium: Glass and Ceramic tile mosaics Dimensions: 10’H x 16’W Client: University Health System Date: 2010 Description: This public art project honors the legacy of Dr. Robert L. Hilliard, an obstetrician who made significant contributions to East San Antonio.


Title: “Connected” Location: 10611 Westheimer Rd. Houston TX Medium: Aerosol paint Client: Westchase Management District Dimension: 20’H x 45’L Date: 2017 Description: Using sacred geometry we created an imaged that reflects the interconnections of all people.

Creatia Labyrinth Mural

Title: “Creatia” Location: George R. Brown Convention Center, Avenidas Americas, Houston, Texas Medium: Glass and Ceramic tile mosaics Dimensions: 5’H x 15’W Client: Houston First Date: 2017 Description: The Labyrinth, an ancient archetype for self-discovery, is the central theme of the mosaic mural installation. Creatia pays homage to the spirit of the City of Houston as a dynamic, multi-cultural, urban metropolis and the anchor for space exploration in the US.

Field of Dreams

Title: “Field of Dreams" Location: 2816 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78702 Medium: Ceramic tile mosaics Client: Six Square Community Development Corp. Dimension: 10’H x 35’L Date: 2016 Description: Using Art to capture the History and Heritage of Downs Field, the murals depict portraits of 5 African-American major league baseball players.


Title: “Read” Location: Buelah Shepard Library Medium: Acrylic Dimension: 24’H x 36’W Client: The City of Houston Date: 2017 Description: This public art project was proposed and developed to commemorate and celebrate the Super Bowl being in Houston. Over 250 students, teachers, faculty from schools of all districts supported the project by offering their time by painting their very own quilt square. Those quilt square make up the word READ to promote literacy and the importance of education.

I am Jesse Owens

Title: "I am Jesse Owens" Locations: 3714 W. Alabama, Houston, TX Medium: Acrylic paint Dimensions: 8'H x 40'L Date: 2015 Description:In honor of the legacy of Olympiad legend, Jesse Owens, students from A+ Unlimited Potential designed and painted a mural as a tribute to Jesse Owens’ achievement of winning four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.

This Is Houston

Title: “This is Houston” Location: 2615 Montrose, Houston TX Medium: Ceramic tile mosaics Dimension: 9’H x 36’L Client: Leadership Houston Inc. Date: 2009 Description: Created as a unique art concept and community action project designed to better our city and raise awareness of diversity by Leadership Houston Class XXVII. The mosaic includes images in the categories of art/diversity, education, the environment, healthcare, and leadership.

We Are Scales Of Justice

Title: “We Are the Scales of Justice” Location: 4701 Dickson, Houston TX Medium: Ceramic tile mosaics Dimension: 16’H x 24’L Client: High School for Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Date: 2009 Description: The brilliantly colored tile mosaic mural is filled with symbols of law and justice and incorporates vignettes of classes that the students take to prepare them for a career in law enforcement or criminal justice.

Prisme De Couleur

Title: “Prisme De Couleur” Location: Private Residence Medium: Glass, Ceramic and Porcelain tile mosaics Client: Private Dimensions: Vary Date: 2014 Description: Using the entire spectrum of the rainbow, this tile mosaic mural creates a luscious burst of color for the poolside view of this guest house in a Houston area private residence.


Title: “Reflections” Location: 911 E. 11th Street, Austin, Texas Medium: Glass and porcelain tile mosaics Client: City of Austin Art in Public Places Program Dimension: 7’H x 26’L Date: March 2013 Description: The mosaic mural documents the history and cultural heritage of East Austin, one of the oldest African-American communities in Austin Texas. Imagery within the mural embodies various facets of the community.

Power of the Port

Title: “Power of the Port” Location: 800 Clinton Dr, Houston TX Medium: Ceramic tile mosaics Client: Port of Houston Authority Port of Houston Visitor’s Center Dimension: 10’H x 120’L Date: November, 2004 Description: The story of the Port of Houston is an epic that belongs to Posterity. This mural series is a six-part visual narrative of the epic which portrays the character, value and potential of this great monument of natural wonder and human triumph.

Fruits Of Fifth Ward

Title: “Fruits of Fifth Ward” Location: 1501 Schwartz, Houston TX Medium: Ceramic tile mosaics Client: History Channel, City of Houston Dimension: 16’H x 65’L Date: 2006 Description: Using Art to Capture the History and Heritage of the Fifth Ward. The art project documents the history and cultural heritage of one of Houston’s oldest African-American communities, the Fifth Ward. This project is a recipient of the 2005-2006 Save Our History National grant from the History Channel.


Title: "Oasis" Location: 8330 Triola Medium: Mosaic benches and painted labyrinth Client: Boniuk Institute Dimension: vary Date: March 2015 Description: Over two dozen students participated in SSQ5 this year. The students worked alongside Reginald Adams and his creative team to design a series of sacred geometry patterns which were transformed into custom ceramic tiles which embellish two L-shaped concrete benches in the SIS courtyard.

Blossoms of Kashmere Garden

Title: “Blossoms of Kashmere Gardens” Location: 4802 Lockwood, Houston TX Medium: Ceramic tile mosaics Dimension: Vary Client: City of Houston Date: April 2009 Description: In partnership with Citizen Schools, an after-school apprenticeship program, and through a commission from the Houston Arts Alliance, artist Reginald Adams led a team of 15 students in the design and production of 30 mosaic murals that will be incorporated into the neighborhood multi-service center.

Mickey Leland Memorial ParkDetail

Title: “Mickey Leland Memorial Park” Location: Cavalcade, Houston, TX 77026 Medium: Vary Dimension: 1 acre Client: Harris County Commissioner Precint 1 Date: November 2000 Description: The Leland Memorial Park is a moving collection of art, green space and history consisting of an obelisk, sculptures, story walls and an exedra that blend to commemorate the benevolent, humane, community service spirit of one of the all-time favorite sons of the people of Houston.

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