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Sankofa is the title of a series of three vibrant and colorful glass tile mosaic murals that celebrate the power of cultural heritage and the importance of never forgetting our roots. The title, which means "go back and fetch it" in the Akan language of Ghana, West Africa, perfectly reflects the location of the mural in the Houston Intercontinental Airport. As travelers embark and return on their journeys to and from different parts of the world, Sankofa reminds them to remember and honor their past as they move forward. Through its intricate patterns and vivid colors, the murals embody the spirit of unity and diversity that is at the heart of a city like Houston, Texas.



"Bringing the beauty of cultural heritage to the world, one mosaic at a time."

Community engagement in public art is core to our creative practice because it empowers people to have a say in how their public spaces are transformed and to feel a sense of ownership and pride in the final work.


It promotes social cohesion and cultural understanding, and it provides opportunities for artists and non-artists to co-create meaningful and relevant works that reflect the diverse experiences and identities of the communities they serve.

Reserve your spot today for an opportunity to work alongside my team of phenomenal artists to help create the three mosaic murals for the Houston Intercontinental Airport.


This project was commissioned by the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs on behalf of Houston Airport System for Intercontinental Airport of Houston, through the city’s Civic Art Program and the Houston Arts Alliance.

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