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Team Building Through The Arts

























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Since 1999, Reginald C. Adams has been using the arts to bring people together.  More than 28,000 youth and adults have been involved in his art based team building experiences.  We offer a wide range of creative activities that help executives and their teams unleash their creative spirits and open their minds to a whole new way of thinking, problem solving, and working within their businesses, corporations and communities.  Our workshops are arts-based, interactive activities that provide the opportunity for your team members to work together to achieve a common vision while building camaraderie and boosting morale. Led by professional artists, our workshops will challenge your team to try their hands at something new – whether it be painting, mosaics, sculpting or photography.


We have worked with small and large groups from Fortune 100 corporations, schools, non-profit agencies, social clubs, family reunions, and people from virtually every cultural & socio-economic background, physical ability and age level.



Whether your event is months ahead or just around the corner we can manage all timelines.  You can expect the highest level of service and professionalism as we craft the perfect creative experience for your team, business, school or organization.


Our centrally located art studio/gallery provides a unique setting and a relaxed atmosphere for a memorable, creative and productive experience for your team, encouraging colleagues to see each other from a different perspective, build trust in each other and pave the way for constructive, meaningful communication in a fun and energizing way.

Why Arts-Based Team Building?


Businessess are constantly facing challenges regarding building effective teams, managing time and change, retaining talent, adjusting to shifting markets and innovating new products and services.  The arts and the exercise of creative thinking build bridges between the people doing the work and the work that needs to be done.   


This is not about supporting the arts, or "art for art sake" but about delivering nurturing creativity and innovation in a business in a sustainable, effective, inspirational, impactful and cost-effective way. Using art materials and creativity exercises developed over the last 20 years Reginald C. Adams provides participants with the chance to develop new skills and ways of planning and working with their team. The creativity is an asset to business – a resource and tool for developing knowledge and other intangible skills.


Arts-based team building impacts on an emotional level which is what generates behavior change and engagement. Development of staff, businesses or organizations in this way has a direct positive correlation with performance, innovation, absenteeism, staff turnover rates and ultimately can create stewards for the business or organization. 

Creativity Sessions

Face to Face: Pop Art Portraits


Can't paint a stick figure? Not a problem at all with this fun and engaging portrait painting workshop.  We believe that there is an artist within us all and this team building workshop is designed to bring out the best in the participants.  The Face 2 Face Pop Art Portrait Workshop is a 3 hour studio session that enables artists and non-artists alike the opportunity to learn portrait painting techniques while nurturing your inner artist and creativity.

We provide the canvas and paint; you bring your creativity and an open mind to enjoy the process.   


  • 2-4 hours

  • 6-500 people

  • $175/person, includes all materials and supplies

Public in Public Art - Public Art Service Project


If your team is looking for a fun and engaging team building project that leaves a legacy then look no further.  Knowing that their project will be on display in the public for generations to come, you can expect all team members to give it their best shot. We provide all the tools and techniques required for your team to create a site specific public art project in a community of your choosing.  We have painted murals on the sides of graffit vandalized buildings, we have created mosaic benches for neighborhood parks, we have painted custom signs for community gardens and numerous other public art projects that have beautified and enhanced communities across the city.  


  • 4-6 hours

  • 6-500 people

  • $250/person, includes all materials and supplies

Collective Creativity - Painted Mural Project


Imagine a visual art team building workshop that takes only 2-4 hours and the final result lasts for a lifetime! Collective Creativity involves groups of 12 or more team members, brushes in hand, painting a series of pre-designed canvases that combine to form a colorful mural. The final creation can be installed in the sponsoring business or donated to a local school or charity.


  • 2-4 hours

  • 12-500 people

  • $125/person, includes all materials and supplies


Pre-register to secure your preferred date as soon as possible.  The more time we have to customize your event the better we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


To pre-register, use the Team Building Registration Form. To secure your registration a 50% deposit is requireed.  Registration will not be confirmed until payment is received.


Please contact Reginald C. Adams LLC, if you have any questions.

Phone: 832.208.1549 or Email: info@reginaldadams.com


MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Although you will receive an email confirmation, please be sure to mark the dates and the name of the Workshop on your calendar. 


You can pay by phone 832.208.1549, online or by mailing in a check. If you are mailing in a check, please make the check out to Reginald C. Adams LLC and include the Workshop Name on the memo line.


Send checks to:

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