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Public Art Collection

The Collection

These public art projects are part of the permanent public art collection of Reginald C. Adams LLC.  

A proud Public Art Partner



Labyrinth, an ancient archetype for self-discovery, is the central theme of Adam’s proposed installation. Creatia pays homage to the spirit of the City of Houston as a dynamic, multi-cultural, urban metropolis and the anchor for space exploration in the US. Labyrinths of various designs and patterns are layered amongst each other like planets orbiting across the universe.


The ceramic, porcelain, china and glass tiles where contributed to the artist by residents of Houston making this mosaic mural a community art project.  Easily viewed from within the George R. Brown Convention Center, the 16'H x 5'L mosaic mural will engage the viewer on a visceral and cerebral level.


In honor of the legacy of Olympiad legend, Jesse Owens, students from A+ Unlimited Potential designed and painted  a mural as a tribute to Jesse Owens’ achievement of winning four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.


Under the tutelage of award-winning public artist Reginald Adams, the 40 students researched the life of Owens’ and created the 8'tall by 40' long painted mural, which is displayed on the wall of the nationally-renowned the breakfast klub, located 3711 Travis, Houston, TX 77002


Sharpstown High School SSQ Labyrinth

Title: Oasis
Location: 8330 Triola
Medium: Mosaic benches and painted labyrinth
Client: Boniuk Institute
Dimension: vary
Date: March 2015

Description: Over two dozen students participated in SSQ5 this  year.  The students worked alongside Reginald Adams and his creative team to design a series of sacred geometry patterns which were transformed into custom ceramic tiles which embellish two L-shaped concrete benches in the SIS courtyard.  A one-of-a-kind  5-circuit dual path labyrinth design, by Charles Crumb, was painted onto the concrete plaza of the courtyard.

Historic Freedmen's Town Labyrinth

Title: Heart of Serenity
Location: 1407 Valentine @ Ruthven
Medium: Mosaic benches, 
Client: Boniuk Institute
Dimension: 10,000 square feet
Date: June 2014

Description: The Historic Freedmen’s Town Labyrinth was created in the center of the Mt Carmel MB Church Prayer Garden through the collaborative efforts of more than 150 volunteers including students from the Boniuk Institute’s Sacred Sites Quest 4, the creative genius of Reginald Adams LLC, and the guidance of labyrinth coach Jay Stailey. The project was completed in the spring of 2014 and dedicated on June 7, 2014.


The design chosen for this labyrinth is a replica of the eleven circuit medieval labyrinth found on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. The term “circuit” refers to the number of times the path goes around the center. The outside circuit of this particular labyrinth has been diverted at each of the four corners to create a “bastion” or “ear” to the Chartres design. A mosaic designed “Heart of Serenity” bench created by the Sacred Sites Quest students has been placed within each bastion to provide a place for pilgrims to sit, reflect and/or meditate.


Labyrinths are used to quiet the mind, to encourage meditation and self-reflection, and to reduce stress. They are open to all people as a non-denominational, cross-cultural blueprint for well-being. 





Prisme Couleur

Title: “Prisme Couleur
Location: Private Residence, Houston TX
Medium: Glass, porcelain and stone tile mosaics
Client: Marc Melcher
Dimension: 320 square feet
Date: January 2014



Power of the Port

Title: “Power of the Port”
Location: 800 Clinton Dr, Houston TX
Medium: Ceramic tile mosaics
Client: Port of Houston Authority Port of Houston Visitor’s Center
Dimension: 10’H x 120’L
Date: November, 2004

Description: The story of the Port of Houston is an epic that belongs to Posterity. This mural series is a six-part visual narrative of the epic which portrays the character, value and potential of this great monument of natural wonder and human triumph.

Blossoms of Kashmere Gardens

Title: “Blossoms of Kashmere Gardens”
Location: 4802 Lockwood, Houston TX
Medium: Ceramic tile mosaics
Dimension: Vary
Client: City of Houston
Date: April 2009
Description: In partnership with Citizen Schools, an after-school apprenticeship program, and through a commission from the Houston Arts Alliance, artist Reginald Adams led a team of 15

students in the design and production of 30 mosaic murals that will be incorporated into the neighborhood multi-service center which is just blocks away from where the students attend school.


Fruits of Fifth Ward

Title: “Fruits of Fifth Ward”
Location: 1501 Schwartz, Houston TX
Medium: Ceramic tile mosaics

Client: History Channel, City of Houston
Dimension: 16’H x 65’L
Date: November, 2006

Description: Using Art to Capture the History and Heritage of the Fifth Ward. The art project documents the history and cultural heritage of one of Houston’s oldest African-American communities, the Fifth Ward. This project is one of twenty-six recipients of the 2005-2006 Save Our History National grant from the History Channel.


Title: “Reflections”
Location: 911 E. 11th Street, Austin, Texas
Medium: Glass and porcelain tile mosaics

Client: City of Austin Art in Public Places Program
Dimension: 7’H x 26’L
Date: March 2013

URL: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/aachf


Description: The mosaic mural documents the history and cultural heritage of East Austin, one of the oldest African-American communities in Austin Texas. Imagery within the mural embodies various facets of the community including: family; faith; education; healthcare/wellness; arts/culture; and civic leadership.  The borders of the mural depicts porcelain enamel portraits of 110 East Austin residents who have made a significant contribution to the community at-large.


For more details regarding the African American Cultural & Heritage Facility and the individuals that are captured in the public art project visit: http://www.austintexas.gov/sites/default/files/files/Communications/Web_Content/2013/AACHF_Portrait-Guide.pdf