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Public Art Houston-Mural Design is Finalized's about time!!! We have sifted through the surveys, sorted through the images, reflected on your feedback and now we are pleased to present the mural design for our first mural installation in our Public Art Houston series. The imagery within the design was derived from the dozens of survey responses and images that were submitted from people just like you. The biggest challenge in designing a mural that captures the cultural and ethnic diversity in Houston is not leaving anyone out. Within the design we have attempted to capture the "essence" of Houston's global community using bold patterns, iconic symbols and images that reflect the rich tapestry of culture in Houston. It's taken a bit longer than anticipated to get to this stage in the process but the joy is in the journey. Here's a quick recap of the process thus far.


  • November 29, 2013- Kickstarter: Public Art Houston Campaign launched

  • December 28, 2013- KRTK ABC 13 features Public Art Houston campaign

  • December 29, 2013- Public Art Houston campaign fully funded January 2014- Public Art Houston Surveys are disseminated

  • February 2014-Secured new mural location at 1075 N. San Jacinto, Houston TX 77002

  • March 15, 2014- Public Art Houston Design Session

  • March 15, 2014 thru Present- XYBERA Productions begin Public Art Houston documentary April 12, 2014- Public Art Houston documentary interviews captured

  • April 20, 2014- Public Art Houston preliminary design is completed

  • June 2014- Public Art Houston production begins We are excited about getting this mural under production.


Now that the design is complete we begin production June 2014. The mural should take approx. 30 days to complete. We want to thank all of those the have backed this project, submitted design images, attended the design sessions, offered feedback and participated in the documentary film. Stay tuned as the best is yet to come!  For details on the entire project visit our dedicated webpage at: Public Art Houston


You can still become a backer of this project by making your contribution here:



Public Art Houston

Design Session

Invest in the Arts & Culture of Houston









On Saturday, March 15, 2014 Reginald C. Adams LLC hosted a design session for the Public Art Houston mural project. 23 backers and supporters of the mural reviewed survey responses that were generated from the following question: "In this mosaic mural, we seek to symbolically represent the cultural diversity of Houston while not representing one person or persons individually- what symbols, shapes, or icons best represent your culture, ethnicity or place of origin?'


The group was divided into smaller groups of 4/5 and each group was tasked with the challenge of reviewing the survey responses and exploring further concepts and ideas that best represent the rich melting pot of cultures found in Houston. The feedback that was offered was overwhelming. The conversation was informative, provocative, and inspiring.As the lead artist there would have been no way possible that I alone could have derived the depth of thought and consideration that was extrapolated from the design session discussion.


Next steps: We will take the feedback, ideas, suggestions, images, drawings and comments generated during the design session and begin drafting the preliminary design for the mural. My goal is to have a preliminary design complete by the end of March so we can begin fabrication of the mural in April with a tentative completion date of late April or early May 2014.


I want to thank all of the backers and everyone that attended the design session and especially David Venegas with XYBERA Productions for capturing footage of the session for our documentary film.This will truly become one of the most significant murals in Houston.


Stay tuned as the best is yet to come!.

We want to thank all of our backers that believe in the importance of art and culture in Houston.  There's still more work to be done. You can still make an investment in the most significant public art project in Houston.  Join us as we celebrate the deep and rich cultural diversity of Houston with a phenomenal mixed media mural.   Make your investment today!

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Public Art Houston Is Funded!

Well, the stats are in and it’s official. We did it! Our Public Art Houston Kickstarter campaign is fully funded! What began 30 days ago as a hope and a dream is now a reality all thanks to people like you who believe in the power and importance of Public Art. Exactly one month ago we launched a campaign to celebrate the rich and vibrant cultural diversity of Houston through a glass mosaic mural in Downtown Houston. Within those 30 days almost 100 people pledged $40,954.00 to ensure that this dream could become a reality. We are redefining the relationship that the “Public” can have with Public Art and you are a part of this evolution. 

Our next steps is to gather data and input representing the various cultures found in Houston and synthesize that information into what will become the design for the mural. We will be distributing surveys to help capture this data and we will meet directly with some of you to get your input. Once the design phase is complete we will host mosaic classes in our new studio space for those interested in helping fabricate the mosaic mural. The entire creative process of this project will be driven by the public, down to the naming of the mural. Our intent is to document all phases of the project and keep our updated with new content, videos and other related information about Public Art Houston.

We are thrilled by your support but even more so by what this project means for Houston and how it may inspire other artists, businesses and organizations to produce more Public Art in Houston. We hope to become a resource for others to explore new and innovative ways to fund their public art ideas. Our long term goal is to see Houston transform into the Public Art capital of the World.

It was no easy undertaking to raise $40K in such a short amount of time, especially for Public Art. Lots of emails, newsletter blasts, text msgs, social media posts, tv coverage and straight up begging...sorry about that part. But it was worth every minute. 

For every one of you that believed in the vision to celebrate cultural diversity through the arts we simply want to say, THANK YOU! 

For those that doubted it could be possible we just want to say, keep watching because the best is yet to come!

Special thanks to KTRK ABC13 for seeing the vision and helping us reach our goal with the awesome news coverage!

Thank you!





Reginald C. Adams discusses the Public Art Houston campaign with KTRK ABC13 on Saturday, December 28, 2013. Check out the full interview here:

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