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Public Art Seating Structures

These are various custom seating structures that we have designed for schools, community centers, parks and other civic spaces.
Emery Weiner Mosaic Seating

These custom mosaic seating structures were designed to commemorate families that sought to leave a legacy on the campus of Emery Weiner.  The color and pattern used in the mosaics were inspired by the family that sponsored the legacy gift to the school.

Neighborhood Centers Inc. Baker-Ripley Mosaic Seating


​​These custom mosaic seating structures provide functional and artistic seating elements to the NCI Baker Ripley campus in the Gulfton community of Houston.  Each design was inspired from varioius cultures and countries from around the world.  Students from the area assisted in the design and production of the mosaic tiles that embelish the 4 foot diameter custom concrete seating pods.

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