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Project Management

Reginald C. Adams provides consulting, management and curatorial services for public art projects including artist selection and communication, development of requests for qualifications and proposals, public art procedure development, design process oversight and community interface. Reginald C. Adams has 20 years of experience in managing large and small public art projects.  These projects include municipal, institutional, corporate, commercial, residential, educational and transit related public art commissions and installations.


Reginald C. Adams has managed the design, coordination, fabrication, production and installation of over 350 public art projects.


Art Direction & Consulting

Reginald C. Adams' forte is working with clients in establishing a creative direction for a project.  Reginald C. Adams brings over 20 years of design and planning experience working with all types of agencies, from huge corporations like Shell Oil Company, to the smaller groups, like neighborhood associations, where creative strategies are developed to fulfill the artistic and design goals and objectives of each client.


In this space Reginald C. Adams generates and develops ideas for art projects, programs and campaigns, work alongside the client to ensure that creative strategy is innovative, motivating and right for the client.  Reginald C. Adams also collaborates with Artists, Photographers, Illustrators, Publicists and Marketing teams – and presents to clients.


Public Engagement

Reginald C. Adams unique approach to designing and producing public art is predicated on the engagement of the public in the co-creation of the work.  Over the past 20 years Regnald C. Adams has facilated over 350 public art projects and these projects have been co-created with the involvement of over 50,000 youth and adults, 100 international, national and local artists and hundreds of community stakeholders.


Reginald C. Adams puts the public in public art through hands-on engagement in virtually all phases of a site specific public art project.  This methodology provides a high level of stakeholder buy-in and stewardship of the final work.


Professional Speaking

Reginald C. Adams has spoken to schools, community groups, institutions and organizations around the globe about the impact and importance of public art, community engagement and arts in education.  From Rotary Clubs, to local schools, to corporate luncheons, Reginald C. Adams brings an informative, educational and inspiratioal message regarding the role that the arts play in the transformation of civic spaces, community engagement and the impact on social and human development.


Download Reginald C. Adams' Electronic Speakers Kit here.


To book Reginald for a speaking engagement email us at

Since 1999, Reginald C. Adams has been using the arts to bring people together.  More than 50,000 youth and adults have been involved in his art based team building experiences.  We offer a wide range of creative activities that help executives and their teams unleash their creative spirits and open their minds to a whole new way of thinking, problem solving, and working within their businesses, corporations and communities.  Our workshops are arts-based, interactive activities that provide the opportunity for your team members to work together to achieve a common vision while building camaraderie and boosting morale. Led by professional artists, our workshops will challenge your team to try their hands at something new – whether it be painting, mosaics, sculpting or photography.


To learn more about our customized team building experiences click here.

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